Current Version 1.5.7
- Added support for .art TLDs
- Added support for capitalized TLDs
- Added support for page passwords with Danish letters
- Small UI fixes in purchase domain form
Version 1.5.6e
Fixed - Assign to client in "my sites" page does not work*
Fixed - Thumbnails in "my sites" flash broken for new websites*
Fixed - "No thumb" icon for "my sites" page is too blurry
Version 1.5.6
Fixed - Changing the place of the header in the json affects the gallery*
Fixed - New hosting solution - Serve homepage if slug is ""*
Fixed - Mazonite aligns left when changing item width*
Fixed - Changing bottom layout to side by side image overlaps*
Fixed - Phone rotation to landscape does not trigger arrange*
Version 1.5.5
Sitemap generator - The sitemap is now generated from the website pages (excluding paged that were marked no-index in SEO settings and blog posts)* Translation Entries - We have fixed several translation related issues like, being unable to translate the new UI '+' menu, stop entries from reappearing multiple times and some specific untranslated labels.*
Commas bug in contact form
- Fixed, from now on field names can contain commas*
Image SEO
- We have added a new option to add ALT text to images As our implementation does not allow us yet to replace background images with tag we implemented the ALT text in two alternative methods.- We add the alt text as a title to the image.- We add an inner span will role=image and aria='alt text' as described in the following documentation -*
Mixed content issue
- Fixed, when creating a new page, the first time the thumbnail returns it sometimes contain a non secure scheme.*
- security fixes*
2/3 layout - fixed image disappears on preview when the image is on the left* Items overlap - Fixed some cases in which items with split layout in features overlaps*
Page thumbnails
- Page thumbnails under manage pages does not look good sometimes
Version 1.5.31
Moving to a more secure payment mechanism
Scroll bug on mobile (site jumps fix)
Cookie consent unable to change link text5.
Update help center link in premium email
Version 1.5.2
Added - Video settings moved to a side panel
Added - Map Settings moved to a side panel
Added - Image placeholder when no image in layout
Added - "Fill Height" feature now works without JS (Performance boost)
Added - Remove JS font shrinker (Performance boost)
Added - Preview in editor is now inside an IFrame
Added - Stripe height slider to settings panel
Added - Content Width and margin slider to settings panel
Added - Drawers to settings panel
Added - Hard reset button to "pro" tab - Will reset all margin and padding
Added - New item layout 25-75 split
Changed - Media center icon
Changed - Domain is not selectable in new UI
Changed - Increased the mini menu sensitivity
Fixed - Opacity slider could reach 1.1
Fixed - Popups are not responsive on preview
Fixed - Open product page sometimes leads to "/"
Fixed - Color palette is sometimes not closing
Fixed - Product with price of 19.99 could fail stripe checkout
Fixed - "Style" in button menu shown in a new line
Fixed - Google review widget only works on the edited version
Fixed - The location of the cookie consent bar is incorrect on the live site
Version 1.5.1
Added all languages from google translate (as auto translate)
Added Philippine Peso
Remove user head code from editor
Move user head code back
Images served as WEBP
Version 1.5.0e
Added - The option to change the link of the brand logo link in editor
Changed - /upgrade page to get the new plans
Changed - Caching mechanism for main js and css
Changed - Fonts loading jitter (fix affects pagespeed a bit)
Changed - Removed Google+ from Media Widget as it being depricated
Fixed - Newsletter integration for new published sites
Fixed - Counter widget counts the days wrong when weeks are hidden
Fixed - Unable to close the color palette in field style panel and button style panel
Fixed - Media Widget checkboxes Text is displayed in next line
Fixed - Media Widget typo of 'Facebook'
Added - New UI for setting pages
Changed - "contact support button" may be configured to open the intercom chat window
Changed - Even faster page speed results (also for mobile)
Fixed - even more untranslated parts of the editor
Fixed - Old galleries show as a column of items
Fixed - Shrinking text too much on mobile when a wide icon exists
Fixed - Large Icons may be a bit blur
Fixed - Shrinking text too much ion mobile n some situations
Version 1.4.9
Global (B2C): Better PageSpeed for published websites
Fixed - Editing text and immediately clicking publish - the update won't show in the published site
Fixed -Clicking the background of the menu allows cloning / deleting of the site menu
Fixed - Unregistered users who creates a new page are being redirected to login
Fixed - The password protected feature cannot be added
Fixed - The order of the form fields on the website isn’t similar with the generated mail
Fixed - Floating plus should be hidden when page manager is open
Global (B2B):It is now possible to use the API vbid instead of license_id
Fixed - "Skip publish" is not ignored when billing does not equal EXTERNALTranslations
Fixed - Pages' names are sometimes being translated
Fixed - Field placeholders are not being translated
Version 1.4.7
Main feature - Revamped Settings panels - first iteration
Added - Move users site API
Added - "Edit" button to templates page
Changed - Pro style settings requires upgrade
Changed - Elements mini menu is now less sensitive to mouse movement
Fixed - Style menu for text on popup is sometimes not visible
Fixed - 'Assign to client' changes only the owner of the Home page
Fixed - Edit popup is sometimes missing (mostly FF)
Fixed - Sub-menu on a full hamburger type sometimes overlap other links
Fixed - Pages drop down cannot be scrolled with mousewheel
Version 1.4.6
Added - Editor loading time Performance improvement Main feature
Added - Stand alone payment page (/upgrade)
​Changed - On preview background should be the site background product
Changed - The way page navigation looks likeChanged - The way the preview mode looks like
Changed - update countdown widget date to a future date
Fixed - Do not allow deleting last item (don't count the header)
Fixed - Welcome popup shows in inner pages second time
Fixed - Clients can't remove password protection
Fixed - Media center sometimes opens as a small window
Fixed - Paragraph text align is not being saved
Version 1.4.5
Added - mini menu Main feature
Added - Allow users to send draggable panel to other side
Fixed - Submenu on mobile Collapse mode overlaps other menu items
Fixed - Menu is not centered on live site when no title and no icon
Fixed - Mailchimp add to list not working sometimes
Fixed - Can't see all field style menu bug
Fixed - Date field - when updating body text - date field looses alignment
Fixed - Autoplay doesn't work on the slideshow stripe
Fixed - pricing page cut off
Fixed - skew site screen should scroll up before
Changed - Allow more than "alpha numeric" - _ and space (auto replace)
Changed - Checkbox field can't be mandatory
Changed - Hide page settingsChanged - Cookie consent text rephrase hanged - "link" to "button" in menus
Version 1.4
Added - Major security improvements
Changed - Many typos and text changesChanged - "Auto saved" indication will be shown on more occasions
Fixed - When accessing menu management from the control panel it's skewd
Fixed - Submenu settings menu is hidden
Fixed - Stripe menu should be more visible (also in FF)
Fixed - SEO / PRO / PUBLISH pages does not center on small screens
Fixed - Draggable panels should always appear above the fold
Fixed - First tip moves to the right when hovering over the next stripe
Fixed - Registration on template selection has a better flow
Fixed - Publish loading state after cancel login
Fixed - popup raw element stripe menu is seen
Version 1.3.9
Added - Password protected pages (in page settings, implemented lightly)
Added - Downloadable photo gallery (in gallery settings only)
Changed - Parallax will not work on tablet
Fixed - External login now works with must register templates
Changed - The way /themes page is loading for performance
Fixed - hi-res images mechanism causes PNG images with transparency to look bad
Fixed - The new themes page lost it's predefined colors
Fixed - Translated sites can't remove popups
Fixed - left side menu - title edit menu is behind the menu
Fixed - enter the thank you text of popup app breaks the popup (removed the option for popups - affects only new popups
Fixed - must register in theme selector zooms out the theme and takes time to load the form
Changed - Stripe store name in should appear in credit card charge
Changed - The appearence of the control panel
Changed - some wording throughout the editor
Fixed - Website style font size should be obsolete
Fixed - Redirecting to a specific template in /themes sometimes looks ugly
Fixed - Themes page icon change color according to background
Fixed - FF - maps style is not selectable
Fixed - FF - form submit settings is not editable
December 25, 2020
TRL=9 Website Editor Published.
February 7th, 2020
Reniwn Launched from Umair's Bedroom